La Lettre volée Profond silence, 2009, Edition La Lettre volée, Bruxelles, B.


Agnes Geoffray's photographs have a deliberately phantasmagoric appearance, one that is not (or does not seem) staged, and a quality that does not seem too concerned with the nature of the medium. They are, in other words, potentially "unmediated", although this is also clearly a fiction. The...

Agnès Geoffray CV

Agnès Geoffray (F) is an artist living and working in Paris and Brussels (B). She currently works with photographs and writings. 2020 . FRAC Auvergne - Clermond-Ferrand, F. 2019 . Les Brasseurs - Liège, B. 2018 . Battling with the wind Galerie Maubert - Paris, F. 2018 . Before the eye-lid's laid -...