Kunsthalle Wien, Austria


Kunsthalle Wien, Austria
Curated by Catherine Hug and Nicolaus Schafhausen - Show : 6th September 2013 until 12 january 2014 - Opening : 5th september 2013

Artists : Kai Althoff, Özlem Altin, Kader Attia, Gerard Byrne, James Ensor, Ieva Epnere, Harun Farocki, Marina Faust, Didier Fiuza Faustino, Peter Fischli / David Weiss, Rainer Ganahl, Agnès Geoffray, Thomas Hirschhorn, Iraqi Children's Art Exchange, Jesse Jones, Ferdinand von Kessel, Nicolas Kozakis / Raoul Vaneigem, Erik van Lieshout, Jen Liu, Los Carpinteros, Marko Lulić, Fabian Marti, Florin Mitroi, Marcel Odenbach, Francis Picabia, Willem de Rooij, Markus Schinwald, Allan Sekula, Zin Taylor, Noam Toran, Kerry Tribe, Peter Wächtler, Jeff Wall, Gillian Wearing, Tobias Zielony

Fear and anxiety are familiar to all. Salon der Angst will not only focus on generalised feelings of insecurity and threat, but also on how culture shapes both individual and collective experiences of fear and fearful events. Depictions of fear, terror, and the distraught are well-tread in art history, but also characterize a younger generation’s artistic practice that responds to a contemporary society rife with new and specific fears and insecurities.

The exhibition Salon der Angst explores the artistic confrontation with the fears of our time across a broad affective and socio-political spectrum. Fear is here understood as a response to those aspects of the present that we do not know how to deal with it. The artists in this exhibition address these fears in terms of a history of ideas, but also their specific psychological manifestations. The preoccupation with fear and anxiety in art therefore turns out to be an exacting look at the treatment (and production) through the media of a human emotion at once both familiar and elusive.

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